3 Signs a Guy Likes You and How to Make Him Commit

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When it comes to guys, it may be difficult for you to figure out if they like you. Are you tired of playing games wondering if he likes you. Do you sometimes lose the interest of a guy because you improperly act towards his feelings? I will attempt to give you enough information so you can easily figure out what signs you should look for and what to do in response.

He Ignores You

If you see a guy in the hallway and he ignores you even though you have great conversation, he still likes you. Some guys are worried about what they should say to you when they meet you so they will sometimes pass you by without saying anything. You see, men are not very smart and they think they can pass you by without saying anything hoping you won’t see them. Of course you see them and what happens next? You feel really bad and you start losing interest in him thinking he doesn’t like you.

This guy not only likes you, but he might love you. If you see a guy in the hallway, say hello. Be casual and always never worry if he likes you or not. As long as you know how great you are, no guy should reduce your self esteem. Take one step forward towards making him commit and ask HIM out on a date.

He Looks Nervous

If a guy looks nervous he likes you. Guys have trouble telling their girlfriends about their feelings. It take a lot of work for a guy to ask a girl out on a date, especially if he’s shy. Your job is to realize the guy is shy and beat him to the punch. He will be very relieved that you took the step. After you ask him out, the ball is in his court. If he does not start being more forward, he’s not worth your time.

He Compliments You and Buys Coffee

If a guy compliments you he either likes you or he is being polite. If the same guy also buys you coffee, it is much more likely that he likes you. Your job in this case is to lead the conversation somehow to the fact that you don’t have a boyfriend. Men will attempt to find out if you are taken. These days with Facebook they can find out on their own, but you can lead the conversation in that direction and speed up the process.

Make Him Commit

Through this article, I gave you 3 different clues to look for to see whether a guy really likes you. I also told you what you could do to make the guy take the relationship a step forward. For the most part, if you want him to commit, you have to leave it to him. My strategies force you to be aggressive at first so after the initial date, you have to relax and let him do some of the work.

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