Attracting Women – What Exactly Do Women Want?

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In this article, we will discuss in details what essential qualities women want men to have. Traits no text books will ever tell you about and very few people realize their importance to women and dating.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

What does she want?

No matter what I do, she never seems satisfied. How can I ever please her?

Well, I’ve asked them too.

And for some very long time I have looked for the answers.

Do you know Freud, yes the famous psychoanalyst, he had the same question:

What do women want?

And he couldn’t find the answer too.

For a long time I was very perplexed by this question and I have looked everywhere for text books to answer it for me, but I failed every time, until one day, a very dear friend of mine, who is by the was very good with women, he is a natural, solved it for me.

He didn’t tell me the answer, I saw him doing it.

My answer then is three elements women craves in a men, they are neither related to looks nor to wealth, in fact after reading this material, go and ask a woman about it and she will tell you: yes, that’s correct.

The first element is: Being a leader.

Most people ignore this side of masculinity because in our mind we think of a leader as someone who is rude, impolite who orders people around and disrespect them if they don’t obey.

We are wrong, those people are no leaders, they are bullies, or what I prefer to call them, boys in mens clothes.

To be a leader is to have a purpose in your life, a vision, and to know how to tell it.

To be a leader, you must develop your story telling skills and your human relations.

The second element is: goal oriented.

Women hate losers, they want a man who can take responsibilities, who knows where he is going and who is coming to with him.

If you don’t have a purpose in your life, think of one and make it your objective to attain. It has to be a selfish purpose, not in the negative way; you have to put your self first and assert yourself, and then the others.

The third element is: an ability to say no

I will sound like a sadistic person, but I have attracted quality people in my life the moment I could say no.

I was terribly shy and introvert, I could never face people nor disagree with them, and all I could do is either obey or lie.

Don’t get me wrong, don’t become a negative person, what I mean to say is simply say no to bad deals.

A bad relationship = NO

An abusive person = NO

A win/lose situation = NO

You have to create a balance in your life, use these elements to start improving yourself.

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