Clearing Your Mind After a Relationship Breakup

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Relationship breakups often result in recurring thoughts of your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend continually going round in your head even though you might have split up some time ago.

Unfortunately, it is the thoughts that you have on the feed-back loop which impact your emotions and make you feel dreadful. So how does one go about curbing the memory loop and go about detoxing and clearing their mind of recurring memories?

Their are fortunately proven ways to forget an Ex, get over relationships, move on from heartbreak, get over unrequited love and get back on an even keel. However, there is a process and you will need to begin by:

(1) accepting the the need for change;

(2) taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and behaviours; and

(3) committing to taking ACTION to change your circumstances through clearing and changing your mind.

Memorising really great reasons for detoxing your mind after a relationship break-up will go a long way to helping you achieve your objective. Below are 6 really great reasons to clear your mind following a relationship breakup:

1. You will be truly loving, honouring and cherishing yourself

2, You will be desiring the greatest good for yourself

3. You will be giving yourself the time and space to heal

4. You will be removing blocks to your happiness

5. You will be increasing your energy levels

6. You will be stop feeling dreadful and be emotionally healthier and happier

Below are some strategies and tips to assist you in clearing your mind after a relationship breakup.

1. Stop Worrying

Worry is triggered when our mind constantly plays a worst case scenario over and over (like being on a constant repeat programme on a DVD). It is well documented that only 15-20% of what we worry about really happens. That means that a 75-80% of what we worry about does not manifest – what a wast of time!

2. Take a News and Negative Thoughts Fast

Being bombarded by global, national, local, business and private news is bound to have an adverse effect on your mind (especially if the news is particularly bad). Fasting from the ‘news’ for a period of time 7-10 days is a great way to give yourself space and clear your mind.

3. Slow Down & Breath Deeply

Slowing down in this fast-paced-instant-gratification world may be difficult but it is not impossible. It is especially beneficial to stop a chattering mind that is on overdrive. Focusing on correct breathing can do wonders in this area especially if you are prone to hyper breathing while emoting (which can be quite harmful).

4. De-clutter The Memories

You might think that this is the hardest thing in the world but there are proven techniques where you can disassociate a memory of your Ex by starving your mind of the triggers that take it directly to the memory. [See Forget About Ex.]

5. Picture Perfect

The thoughts we have are delivered to our brain through both language and images. Visualisation and the images we imagine are, therefore, a shorthand language to our brain. A technique for gaining more control over our imagination (especially if we feel that we have a poor one) is through scrapbooking. When words are too much – escape to a vision poster. Capture your heart’s desire in picture form by cutting up your old magazines and creating a collage that resonates in your heart. It is a great release from having to articulate what you want.

6. Mediate

Focus on one thing or even nothing through mediation. If it is in the morning (my favourite time) or in the evening that you mediate in order to capture your quiet time, cherish it! It is a gift to remember who we are when our lives bombard us with requests, demands and responsibilities.

7. Exercise – Take Care of Your Body

Daily and weekly exercise lifts the spirits through the release of endorphins. It is also great for clearing the cobwebs of the mind. Indulging in a regular exercise routine will be like a breath of fresh air for the grey matter.

8. Be Creative

Increasing the activity of the right side of our brain can allow us to exercise the ability it has to solve problems, seek solutions and harmony. Focusing on a creative pursuit allows us to escape into our imaginations where all things are possible and were we don’t have to have a concrete objective or outcome.

9. Prioritise – 1st Things 1st

Focusing on one thing at a time and prioritising is technique for clearing your mind. For example, writing down just 3 things that you have to do in a day will be far more motivating than bombarding yourself with a list of 50 things that you want to accomplish before next week. This will allow you to de-clutter your mind of the endless list of chores, must do’s and have to do’s that plagues us and act as a psychic drain.

10. Do nothing.

For at least 1 hour of your waking day relinquish the desire to do something that has an objective or a goal.

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