Popular Lego Themes For All Ages

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Lego’s have entertained children of all ages since their creation in 1934, and have been one of the most popular toys in America for over 50 years. Created in Denmark by Ole Kirk Christiansen, the Danish word “LEgGOdt” was converted into LEGO, which means play well.

There are multiple choices for LEGO sets for children of all ages. The perfect set for the child on your list depends on their interests. Large and colorful Duplo sets enchant the youngest builders, while the advanced sets attract older teens and even adults. Children between the ages of 9 and 12 can choose from a large variety of LEGO sets to challenge their growing skills.

Since it began producing plastic bricks, the Lego group has released thousands of Lego sets themed around various interests, movies, and television shows. Some of these include: space, robots, pirates, vikings, ninjas, medieval castles, dinosaurs, cities, racing cars, construction vehicles, and many more. Here are some of the top LEGO building sets in the market today that your child will love.

LEGO offers series of building sets based on popular movies and television shows. These detailed sets bring favorite characters, scenes, and vehicles to life. They are great for imaginative play and make excellent display pieces if your child grows from playing with Lego sets to collecting them.

Star Wars

-Speed Racer

-Pirates of the Caribbean


-Harry Potter

-Jurassic Park III


-Spongebob Squarepants


Lego has created many building sets based on popular themes among children. Aqua Raiders includes sets designed around underwater adventures, Mars Mission [http://www.legoshopper.com/LEGOS/Lego-Mars-Mission] sets are based in outer space, and the Lego Castle series includes castles, knights, catapults, and more. Another theme is the popular Lego City series, which contains both new and classic Lego sets of buildings and vehicles.

Lego Exo-Force is another Lego create series that is a great option for many older children. Exo-Force is based on an anime story that pits the Exo-Force team against a robot army. Your child can build Exo-Force team members and their robot enemies, then engage in epic battles.

If your child is looking for more of a challenge, try Lego Technics. These sets are based on real life machines, such as construction equipment and trucks. They involve more complex building, such as steering and suspension systems, and they are available in a variety of difficulty levels.

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