Teen Vogue and Motorola Razr Honor the Future of Fashion With NYC Celebration

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Some of the top names in fashion and entertainment gathered Wednesday night to congratulate Teen Vogue‘s first-ever Generation Next class of Innovators, a new expansion of the Gen Next program which supports emerging designers. In celebration of the young Innovators, Editor-In-Chief Versha Sharma, alongside motorola razr, hosted an event to showcase six razr-inspired pieces designed by the six finalists. The Fleur Room, on the 35th floor of the Moxy Hotel  in Chelsea, served as the ideal location for the cocktail party, complete with the most perfect backdrop of the city with almost 360-degree views (the room was basically lit by the Empire State Building alone). Refreshments were cleverly named after Motorola mobile phone settings, not to mention the best part of the decor – the GIF and photo booth installation. Attendees enjoyed posing with brand new motorola razr phones; from walls draped in floral vines and chandelier disco balls to DJ Rhonda Rox providing a flawless disco and pop soundtrack — the vibes were spot-on.

It wasn’t long before the room filled up with designers, world-renowned creatives and stylists, and award-winning actors, including young stars like Marcus Scribner, Minnie Mills, Shay Rudolph, Greg Diaz, Jr., Jaden Michael, Francesca Scorsese, Kuhoo Verma, and more. This wasn’t just any regular night for the designers. A few of them even called it one of their best nights to date! “Honestly, it was a magical night to celebrate the future of fashion with so many talented people,” said Innovator Juliana Heredia. 

Our Senior Fashion and Beauty Editor, Karissa Mitchell, considers her night  “a full circle moment,” saying, “It’s just nice to collaborate with a brand that played such a major part in my upbringing. The razr is a fashion statement!” We caught up with the Motorola Team for their thoughts on the turnout. “At Motorola, we strive to be generators of positive change and empower individuals to challenge norms, embrace self-expression and pursue their dreams. As one of the first devices to become a fashion statement and cultural icon, motorola razr is a brand that symbolizes just that. We’re thrilled to be here tonight to celebrate and honor these amazing emerging designers!” Motorola Representatives told Teen Vogue.

It’s safe to say this was quite the dream night of collaboration and innovation. “It was exciting to finally meet everyone offline and be around like-minded individuals who share my enthusiasm for sustainable fashion,” said Innovator Gianna Rosina. For the selected six, the 2022 Generation Next experience is just beginning. Our panel of esteemed judges will provide mentorship and motorola is providing each with a grant to continue their work. Judge Sheena Sood, a Generation Next alum, spoke to the crowd, “The connections, community, and confidence gained during the program have been invaluable to me as I continue to grow my brand, abacaxi. I’m really excited for this new chapter of Gen Next with these bright young talents, and look forward to getting to know each of you in the coming months.” Designer Elena Velez, another Gen Next alum, came to show her support and has recently been nominated for one of the fashion industry’s highest awards.

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