Teens Only Chat

HTML5 Chatroom powered by Minnit Chat
  • Rule 1: No one that is not a teen is allowed. Don’t pretend to be a teen.
  • Rule 2: No personal attacks or harassment. We’re the better generation!
  • Rule 3: Type in normal English. Of course you can use short things you would also use in texts, like LOL.
  • Rule 4: Don’t monopolize the conversation. Go sell your Girl Scout Cookies somewhere else.
  • Rule 5: No solicitation. Don’t try to bother anyone else with stuff they’re not asking for or about.
  • Rule 6: No dissing other websites. Unless it is a really cool site and you think people should check it out. Just don’t try to steal our traffic.
  • Rule 7: No spamming. No one in the history of the world has liked a spammer!
  • Rule 8: Don’t use multiple usernames.
  • Rule 9: Don’t use curse words.
  • Rule 10: Don’t EVER try to meet anyone in person from here. And just make the other rules up in your head.