“That’s So Raven” Costume Designer on the Show’s Sartorial Significance 20 Years Later

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And now 20 years after the show’s premiere, fans are still set on recreating some of the iconic looks from the series. If you’ve ever found yourself attempting to create a Raven Baxter original, then you’ll be intrigued to know that most of the looks from the series were just that, an original.

“Everything we do is either purchased, I design it, or we rent it,” Martin says. “But I usually would change the pieces that I purchase. I’ll change a collar, I’ll actually put three items together to make it into one. Like if I liked the sleeves of this, I like the body of this or I want to put a piece of another item there I’ll do it. That’s the fun thing that we get to do. And we do that the most. We literally change everything. So even if it’s a pair of pants, I might put, you know, a stripe down it. We just like to add to it because Raven Baxter, who she is, likes to add a little flair to everything.”

This alone plays a part in why Raven’s clothes were so complex in its creation. The series’ fashion holds a tight grip on what it means to express yourself. Raven Baxter’s larger than life personality intertwined perfectly with her larger than life outfits. 

“Now it’s so fun to go on Instagram and see people finding the original piece from the show and they’re like, ‘oh my gosh, she dyed this,’ or ‘she changed that,’” Martin continues. “It’s really awesome when they actually figure it out. And to me you know if you’re watching a show on Disney, you know the color and what you’re seeing is a vital part of the script. It’s part of the allure of watching the show. It keeps your attention, whether you’re an adult or a kid. So that’s what I always had in mind when I was designing for That’s So Raven.”

26-year-old content creator, Amber Richardson recalls her love for That’s So Raven because of its fashion and family unit. She notes that obviously as a child, she didn’t realize how important the series’ representation was, but looking back, to see a Black family together with a Black supernatural lead was so incredibly important. Moreover, the show gave her a great example of what it means to be a young Black woman unabashedly afraid to be herself. 

“I definitely looked up to Raven fashion-wise because a lot of people were afraid to push the boundaries at that time. I feel like for teenage girls, at least,” Amber says. “[Raven Baxter’s] style is how a lot of people dress now. I see a lot of Raven Baxter’s outfits when I’m scrolling on TikTok, especially with the resurgence of Y2K. I feel like it was only natural to see that happen, but also the fact that people know her enough to recreate her looks despite the fact that this show has been off the air for years is insane. In 2023, we’re still talking about her style, like this show had such a cultural impact.”

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