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The 4 Categories of Sexual Difference in Women – What Sexual Type of Woman Are You?

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There are four types of women who invariably think about sex in four distinctly different ways. Just as there are differences in sexual preferences there are also different ways with which we see sex from our own eyes and our own authentic perspectives. These four categories of sexual difference can help you to ascertain what type of woman you are sexually and offers ways to mix things up if you choose to.

The Four Categories of Sexual Difference in Women Are:

1. The Good Girl. In my opinion, one of the greatest compliments you can attribute to girl is to refer to and address her as a woman. But take notice that in the title here, it’s always used as the good girl and not the good woman. People tend to perceive the “good” as being innocent and young hence the good girl. The good girl does not think about sex openly or admittedly. A good girl is all about commitment to the protection of virtue. Ignoring and suppressing sexuality goes along with this territory.

The good girl devotes her life to her work. This kind of woman justifies saving herself for the perfect moment when she is swept away from a character out of a legendary fairy-tale book written for you guessed it, girls. Unfortunately for her this perfect Knight in shining armor, kind gentleman opportunity does not exist. So she should learn to do her best to incorporate a little of the next type.

2. The Bad Girl is a Sexy Dirty Woman. You do not have to be promiscuous to be a sexy woman. All that is required is to know what you like and your not afraid to express or it. They are very erotic and always exude excitement, freedom and potential. They are also associated with being very sensual and in tune with her sexual self. This woman knows how to have fun and is fearless.

This bad girls attitude about sex is shameless pride. Wearing sexuality in the open for all to see. She demands attention without even trying. Seething with and open personality and enjoying every minute of it. She is powerfully confident and has great self-esteem, with a healthy self-image.

3. The Diva In The Closet. This woman is probably the most desired of all by the most amount of people, but it is never openly spoken of. She dresses with care, is highly energetic and friendly, with a positive attitude almost all of the time. She is the girl next door. Everyone likes her. Her life is very welcoming in a non-threatening kind of way. Inviting when it comes to conversation, but safe for all intents and purposes.

At night Look out! She comes out with all kinds of dark desires and highly inventive fantasies. An erotic woman and when it comes to thinking about sex she is very skilled with knowing what she wants. Yet the only other people who know any of these things are the extremely lucky lovers that she chooses. This is primarily because she keeps everything private and in its proper place. Plus she likes to be efficient and along with the good girl, is in love with good organization.

4.The Overtly too Confident Sex Goddess Okay this one is sad. Very loud, very obnoxious and very quick to point out all the sex vibes she is getting from everyone in the room. This one is not very confident and feels somewhat cheated and so over compensates in a terrible way. This woman is too fast and too furious too much of the time. You get the feeling you need an off switch or maybe a mute button on your remote control when your around her. There really is no need to continue with number four. It is usually a phase and I believe in the old if you cannot say something nice…

These are the 4 Categories of sexual Difference in Women.

Knowing them can help us to better understand ourselves and what needs to be added or could be done without to increase and enhance our sexual image. Sex has a lot to do with our perspectives. It ultimately comes down to being about attitude and power.

Image and perception mean a lot to our sexual world and weighs heavily on social relational outcome. It does not always adhere to the principles of reason either. People will think, what people will think no matter the reality of the situation.

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