The Bible and The Cross in Dominican Republic National Flag

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For everyone who knows the song “Star Spangled Banner”, which is the national anthem of the United States of America, the star is not unique to the US flag. There are about 50 other countries that use the star as a symbol in their national flags, as it is the most widely used flag symbol. However, only one country has ever used a bible as a symbolism in its national flag, and that country is the Dominican Republic.

The colors of the Dominican Republic flag are blue, red and white. These colors are said to have been adopted from the Haitian flag, which once controlled the country. The colors are identified to stand for liberty, the blood of their heroes and salvation, respectively. Also, it is believed that the founding father of the Trinitarians – Juan Pablo Duarte – was the one who came up with this color scheme by altering the position of the red and blue, and adding a large white cross in symbolism of their people’s faith.

The Dominican Republic national flag also features an emblem in the middle. At the center of this emblem are a cross and a bible. This design could as well be due to the fact that more than 90 percent of Dominican population is composed of Roman Catholics.

Aside from this unique design, only the Dominican Republic flag features four other flags within it. These four are miniature Dominican Republic flags attached on spears, each surrounding the bible and the cross. However, these four mini-replicas do not bear the emblem at the center. If that would have been the case, then there will be at least eight other visible smaller miniature flags within two of the four major miniature replicas.

It is also believed that besides the national flag, the Dominican Republic also has a civil flag. This civil flag is the same as the miniature flags, which does not contain an emblem at the center.

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