10 Best Dyson Airwrap Dupes, According to Rave Reviews 2023

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If there’s one place where you can find honest product reviews, it’s TikTok. This Ion Luxe hair styling tool has gained traction on the app, with beauty buffs weighing in on if it lives up to the hype – and spoiler: it does. First and foremost, this four-in-one hair tool has the ability to dry, curl, wave, and smooth strands. It comes with four attachments – two curling barrels, one diffuser, and one concentrator – all of which are easy to use. The curling barrels feature fast airflows that automatically wrap hair around them, creating gorgeous, voluminous waves in seconds (just like the Dyson). Plus, the diffuser is great for curly hair (FYI, the Dyson doesn’t come with a diffuser), and the concentrator dries hair quickly and reduces frizz. On top of that, this tool has four heat settings (cold, cool, warm, and hot), three airflow settings (low, medium, and high), and an extra-long 9-foot cord. Need we say more?

Pros: ✓ It comes with a diffuser for curly hair  It has an extra-long 9-foot cord

Cons: X It doesn’t come with a round brush or paddle brush

Dimensions & Specs: Two pounds, 9-foot-long cord

Features: This tool comes with four attachments (two curling barrels, one diffuser, and one concentrator) and has four temperature settings (cold, cool, warm, and hot) and three airflow levels (low, medium, and high)

Customer Review: “Best dryer I’ve used! 10 out of 10 recommend! It even works better than my Dyson and Shark dryer! The curling part reminds me of the Dyson Airwrap. The dryer itself dries hair very fast! You won’t be disappointed.”

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