20 Best Wednesday Addams Costume Ideas for Halloween 2023

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If you’re obsessed with Jenna Ortega’s stellar outfits in Wednesday, you are not alone. Throughout the show, we picked up major goth-style inspiration from the leading misanthrope, Wednesday Addams. Her love for all-black outfits quickly turned her into a fashion icon, inspiring plenty of Wednesday Addams costume ideas that are perfect for Halloween.

Wednesday has a penchant for dark monochrome looks, though duochrome still has a space in her wardrobe with whites and grays. Her outfits mainly consist of long-sleeved dresses, tights, and Mary Jane shoes, but you’ll also spot her occasionally sporting cute skirts and pullover sweaters. Unlike mom Morticia, who is never seen without her vampy lip and Shaun Leane spiky earrings, Wednesday keeps her makeup and accessories to a minimum, remaining faithful to her two long pigtail braids (try out this cool wig to recreate her hairdo), black satchel-style backpack (which also doubles as Thing’s humble abode) for the most part. Her footwear du jour tends to favor stompers, and she loves to mix luxury and high-street fashion.

The clothes of the show, which many fans are praising online and ready to make their entire new personality, are thanks to Academy Award-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood, a long-time collaborator of Tim Burton. Speaking to Tudum, Atwood described Wednesday’s style in the show as a turbulent mix of Morticia and Gomez’s signature staples. She also shared that her style showed that she was “trying to conform but not quite fit in” until she gets to Nevermore Academy, where she taps into more playful looks, hence her preference for white collars and black dresses.

So, if you’ve been scouring the internet trying to find the best matches (or dupes), we’ve got you covered with the best Wednesday Addams Halloween costume ideas, below!

1. The Custom Uniform

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