A Review of the EV-204 Yamaha Electric Violin

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Many musicians can’t help but regard electric violins with suspicion. The instrument has not been adopted by classical musicians in the same way acoustic violins have been and many of the models that have been introduced have been questionable to say the least. This article is designed to get musicians to look at electric violins in a different way; the following paragraphs are going to explain why the EV-204 Yamaha e violin is a great instrument in its own right.

Many e-violins on the market today are designed for the quick sale; many of the manufacturer’s market these mediocre instruments as children’s violins to avoid the fact that they could never be used for a serious performance of any kind. The EV-204 is different; this electric violin is specifically designed for the performing musician. This Yamaha electric violin actually 4 individual pickups for each string, this helps the electronics system differentiate between strings and deliver an amazing sound which is big enough to rise to any occasion.

What makes the EV-204 violin so much better than many similar models on the market is that it can produce an authentic classic violin tone which can match many acoustic models. Many other lines do not sound authentic at all, their tone is clearly produced electronically and much of the brilliance is lost.

This Yamaha electric violin also comes with a headphone jack which allows players to practice without anyone else have to hear them. This is hugely helpful because many players are put off by practicing because they know everyone else can hear them. Players can easily adjust the volume and tone of the EV-204 by adjusting the master control knob.

The Ev-204 is a 4/4 violin and features ebony in both the tailpiece and chin rest. If you’re interested in purchasing this fabulous instrument then you can expect to purchase one for around £900. Retailing at almost £1000 makes it one of the more high-end e violins on the market, but you can definitely tell where your money is going. This Yamaha electric violin will outperform 90% off all the other models in production and can even hold its own against many acoustic violins.

As a final not I would like to let you know that not all electric violins are poor quality instruments. You can find some real gems if you look hard enough, it’s just a matter of time before you come across a model which you will love.

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Source by Edward Cottam