Hawaiian Luau Party – Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose This Theme For Your Next Celebration

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Are you looking for a fun idea for your next big celebration? Why not make it a Hawaiian luau theme? Here are the top ten reasons you should consider this festive tropical gathering for your next party.

1. You want to get a good turnout. Send your guests an invitation to a luau party and it will generate excitement and create anticipation. You’re letting them know they’re in for something interesting and unique, when you build the celebration around a tropical theme. They’ll know that this event is not to be missed.

2. A luau theme is a real ice breaker. Greet your guests at the door with a flower lei, hand them a tropical drink and give them a name tag with their name in the Hawaiian language. Get everyone up on their feet for a hula lesson. Tiki torches, Polynesian food and a little game of limbo and watch the crowd laugh and mingle with ease.

3. It’s easily adapted to any occasion. You can plan a luau party for a sweet 16, milestone birthday, bar mitzvah or graduation. A Hawaiian theme is also a popular choice for weddings and anniversaries. It doesn’t matter what you’re celebrating, this idea would work for any event.

4. It appeals to all ages. You could plan a kids party with a Hawaiian theme or could transform it into an 80th birthday celebration. This is an especially good choice if you’re putting together a gathering of a mixed crowd with different age groups.

5. It’s the middle of winter. That’s right, the coldest months are the perfect time for this Polynesian treat. There’s nothing like a celebration with a tropical theme to warm up the crowd. Turn up the thermostat. Decorate indoors with seashells, flowers, surf boards, beach umbrellas and inflatable palm trees. Play some island music CDs and blend coconut drinks. Thaw out the winter by going Hawaiian and your guests are sure to think your party is hot.

6. You’re already planning a pool party. Take the waterside atmosphere up a notch by making it a luau theme. Add some Hawaiian music, place tiki torches around the pool, put a hibiscus in your hair and serve Polynesian fare to make it a memorable backyard event.

7. It’s casual dress. Your guests will be comfortable in sundresses, shorts and those colorful Hawaiian shirts. Some people would rather skip fancy parties, where they have to dress up in formal attire. But with a luau theme party, everyone should feel at ease in light, bright tropical clothes.

8. It’s easy to put together. Just about every brick and mortar or online party store has luau theme supplies. Because you have so many choices, it won’t be difficult to find decorations and favors you like.

You can quickly transform your party area by simply attaching grass skirts or raffia to the front edge of the tables. Use artificial flower leis to create a tropical garland. Just cut them open, then tie end to end. Place pineapple, coconuts and other tropical fruit in the middle of the table for a centerpiece. Then bring in the guests with their brightly colored Hawaiian-style clothes to complete the atmosphere.

9. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Of course, you could pull out all the stops and dig an Imu pit for a pig roast or hire professional hula dancers. But you don’t have to go over the top to have a great party.

Instead, create your own pupu platter of Polynesian appetizers. Hand out cheap hula skirts and artificial flower leis. Play a rented instruction video or DVD that teaches how to dance the hula. Borrow island background music CDs from the library. Bargain hunt online for the best deals in party supplies and luau favors.

10. It’s fun! Yes, this is the kind of party that deserves an erupting volcano cake. Ukelele music, bold Hawaiian shirts, guests attempting to sway in grass skirts, tropical food and drink all create a lively, entertaining atmosphere. This is one celebration your guests will remember.

So, the next time you’re planning a big celebration, go tropical. A Hawaiian luau theme party is great for any occasion, any age group, any time of year. It doesn’t take a lot of money or effort. But best of all, it will be the fun island bash that no one will forget.

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Source by Linda Kling