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How to Turn a Player Into a Boyfriend – Become His One and Only Love! Act on These Tips Now

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You are crazy about him but know in your heart that he is not serious about you. If he is a player and you want him to stop his fooling around and get serious then all you need to do is follow these tactics. They will help him see how foolish he is being and realize what you mean to him.

Be consistent in your sincerity with him

Don’t let his fooling around get you. If you are a hundred percent sure that he is the guy for you, then you should be consistent in your pursuit of him. Let him see that you are serious and sincere in your feelings for him. Don’t hold back and continue to shower your love on him. He might feel ashamed to take your ardent love for granted and stop his philandering ways.

Show him that you are worth committing to

Even if he has got into this relationship in a light hearted manner and is dating you just because of the “fun and games” element, make him see that you are not a girl to be taken lightly. Let him realize that you are worth committing to and he is not going to find another girl like you in a hurry. When he begins to admire you for the traits and qualities you have – he will get serious.

Let him see the difference between you and the other girls

Behave in such a manner that he notices the difference between you and other girls. Let him see that you don’t only look and dress better than any other girl around, but your nature and characteristics are way above the other females he has dated in the past. When he realizes that you are a true “find” he won’t want to give you up.

Don’t let him have his way all the time

If you notice that he is a player and refuses to get serious about you, then you should stop pampering him and giving in to him all the time. If you don’t let him have his way with you he will realize that his game is up and that he cannot continue fooling around with you.

Encourage him to be faithful

Even if he started out as being a player and has never really made any sort of commitment to you or told you anything that promised a future commitment, you can always encourage him to remain faithful to you. Try and become his dream woman and be the type of girl that he can admire. He might change his mind and stay faithful.

Let him know that you are not to be taken lightly

If you know that he is a player and you want something more out of the relationship then your should let him know about it and don’t allow him to take you for granted. Let him know that you are not willing to just “fool around” and if he wants to date you then he should seriously think of stopping all his flirting ways.

Become a player too to teach him a lesson

Sometimes you have to take a drastic step in order to teach him a lesson. Become a “player” yourself and flirt with the other guys. Date other handsome looking guys and see how he likes it! If he finds himself hating the thought of sharing you with others, he will stop his bad habits and get serious.

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