The Riddler Is No More, Who Should Fill the Void? Here’s My Top 5 Choices and Why

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Well, it’s official that the Riddler will not be making an appearance in Christopher Nolan’s third Batman movie. Nolan himself confirmed earlier, along with the title of the movie (The Dark Knight Rises), that the Riddler will not be the villain. He also remained tight-lipped and wouldn’t give any more information about who the villain might be. Given this news, the web has been abuzz yet again with speculation about the high-profile sequel. Speculation is again running rampant about who could possibly be the villain.

Today, we’re going to join in on the speculation and buzz as I give my top 5 choices of who could be the villain and who I would like to see. While there were previously rumors of Killer Croc being the villain (and Tom Hardy playing him), I’m not too sure on that rumor and not particularly fond of the idea either. So here we go with 5 villains that I would like to see in the third Batman film from Nolan.

1.) Dr. Hugo Strange

Strange was a psychologist that created a serum that turns his victims into brutes that will mindlessly do his bidding. Using these brutes, he wreaks havoc on Gotham City. He was the first recurring villain in the Batman franchise and would be a nice throwback for Nolan to finish the trilogy with. Dr. Strange is also realistic enough that he would fit well into the universe that Nolan has created with his interpretation of the world. Another point in favor of Hugo is the alleged ties he has with Scarecrow. As we know, Scarecrow was used in Batman Begins (and to a lesser extent in The Dark Knight). In the comic book world, it’s been implied that Hugo was the one that came up with the idea of Scarecrow’s fear gas. This could be used as a tie-in for the third film. The story could possibly work that Hugo Strange is back to exact revenge on The Dark Knight himself and finish the job at which Scarecrow failed. Strange also creates a crazed henchman out of Sgt. Max Cort in Batman lore. Cort was a crazed policeman that was tasked by the department to lead a squad in hunting down Batman. Furthermore, Strange recruits Cort in helping to lure out Batman and kill him. If this doesn’t provide a perfect logical step for the “because we have to chase him; we’ll hunt him because he can take it” ending of The Dark Knight, then I don’t know what does.

2.) Hush

Hush (aka Tommy Elliot) is arguably the doppelganger of the Caped Crusader. Having grown up with Bruce Wayne and being so close to Bruce for so long, there’s definite background between the two. Hush possesses incredible intellect and tactical skills that equal Batman making him a very formidable foe for the Dark Knight. On top of this, Hush does have a tie-in with the story arc that Nolan has already created with his first two Batman films. Hush has ties with Jonathan Crane (aka Scarecrow). Crane being the one that released Tommy Elliot from the psych ward he was confined to. As well, Crane was the one that coined the name Hush for Elliot. This would provide a great lead-in for this particular story arc to feed upon. That, coupled with the fact that Hush is so equal to Batman in skills and abilities, could provide for a very interesting feud and story. Also, it should be mentioned, Hush has ties with the Riddler. This would at least allow for an easter-egg like mention of Riddler for the fans while still remaining true to Nolan’s “the villain won’t be Riddler” remark.

3.) Deadshot

Batman is gone and Gotham is in need of a replacement. In steps Deadshot. Deadshot, in the comics, initially came into light as a crimefighter. He could take up this role in the beginning of the film, under the facade that he is filling in for Batman. Later on, however, it’s revealed in comics that Deadshot is not the good guy he tries to pretend to be. Instead he’s really out to replace Batman and eventually plans to take over as the big dog of Gotham’s underworld. This would be a great tie-in for the third Batman movie as it plays with the Batman being in hiding aspect that the last movie went out on. It could start with Deadshot filling in then progressively getting out of hand in his vigilante duties to the point that Batman has to come out of hiding to put a stop to the villain. Granted the costume might need to be toned down a lil bit to fit into Nolan’s world, but it’s definitely doable.

4.) Anarky

Anarky is a character of cunning and intelligence. His skills include enormous talents in engineering and computer technology. This makes him an excellent gadgeteer. As well, he is well versed in martial arts in latter comics. This makes Anarky another very formidable foe for the Caped Crusader, sharing the same abilities as Batman. Though his being a teenager might put a damper on the appeal of the character, that could be worked around giving us a slightly older Anarky if WB doesn’t want to go the kid villain route. Other than that, he could fit well into the already established plot. With Batman out of the picture, crime gets a little worse….in steps Anarky. Being a big fan of anarchy, the villain could come in to further condone the out-of-hand behavior and contribute to it. Being a master gadgeteer, cops can’t stop him as Anarky leads an uprising. Thus Batman has to come back in to “fight fire with fire” so to speak. Also, comics which included Anarky always included some social or political commentary behind them. This, I believe, would fit in well with that underlying social/philosophical themes that Nolan has presented with each of his Batman films and give some extra substance to the story arc.

5.) Black Mask

This villain is a businessman turned criminal. Black Mask leads a huge organization of criminals after being humiliated and bought out by Bruce Wayne. Being the typical “gangster” type, this would fit well into the current storyline as Falcone and gang are out of the picture. With Batman in hiding as well, this would leave the criminal underworld unchecked for the Black Mask to grow his organization. It could also be set up that with Wayne having to keep Batman in hiding, he focuses more on his business. This would lead into the humiliating scene where Bruce Wayne buys out Black Mask’s business. Black Mask’s hatred for Wayne after that would lead him to starting up his crime syndicate. In the comics he also goes on to stat kidnapping Wayne Enterprise executives. This eventually leads to Lucius Fox being kidnapped as well. This would be a sure-fire way to lure out Batman. From there Batman’s work would be cut out for him as he has to infiltrate and take down the entire organization that has grown so vast under Black Mask’s leadership.

So there you have it: 5 villains that would make logical choices for the final in Nolan’s trilogy. While others may have their own choices, these are the 5 that I feel are more likely and would more aptly fit into the world that Nolan has created, as well as the story arc that has been portrayed.

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Source by Josh Lyons