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Why Do Some Men Withdraw in a Relationship? Here is What You Must Know Before It’s Just Too Late

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Once you have entered the tortuous game of love, you will come to find, with much surprise, that men are just as fickle as women are. While women fuss about which pair of shoes to match their brand new little black dress, and change their minds at the last minute, men exhibit similar characteristics, even in love. One minute they are all over you with their sweet nothings, and the next thing you know, they have engaged in an intimate non-talking conversation with their Wii and their PSPs. Find out why men withdraw, and how you can save yourself from being on the losing edge.

Men thrive on novelty.

Notice how your guy buys the latest mobile phone model, and weeks after, has his eyes on an entirely new model with better features. This is just how men think, in life. While women are more sentimental and like to keep the old, men get excited with new things and people. Early in the relationship, do not give your man a reason to get tired of you. A woman has many faces – while it is good to show him your true side, it’s also a good idea to take it one date at a time.

Men like creativity.

You can get him a burger from his favorite diner, but making him one that’s exactly the same, but with your own touch, is mind-blowing. You can get naked by pulling down your pants and taking off your top, but dancing to enthralling Jazz music heightens his anticipation. Remember, once creativity is lost, so is interest. Prevent this from happening by doing things with a twist.

Men will always be boys.

Inside their grown manly bodies hide little boys who like to play all day and don’t want to take a bath. Not literally, of course. But the point is, you can never act like a guy’s mommy. Start taking care of him, and he will appreciate your material instincts, but also will associate you with someone who loves him unconditionally no matter how bad he is – his mother. Once that happens, he won’t stay with you. But he’ll keep coming back only when he needs comfort.

Men are by nature, autonomous.

Tell them how to live their life and they will be out the door before you know it. Your guy was doing fine before you came into his life, so telling him where to keep his boxers, or how to make his bed is really pushing him out of your life. Let him be the man that he is, and after several dates, if you are ready to move in, you will have to compromise and not dictate how you’d like living together to be.

Men need guy time.

He may ask you to come with him on Poker night with his friends once, but it doesn’t mean it will become a routinely thing for him. Just as you need your ladies night and your girls’ day out, your man needs to bond with his friends. Bugging him about where he’s going, or what he and his friends do is a big no-no.

The L word is a big deal for men.

Women are more emotional and tend to let that L word slide easier than men do. It’s not that men are love-phobic, it’s just many want to wait for the opportune moment to say ‘I love you’ and to hear it. The word ‘love’ is synonymous to ‘commitment’, something most guys aren’t ready for, early in the dating process.

Finally, men aren’t verbal. Get used to it.

If your guy drops you suddenly and you haven’t been doing any of the critical mistakes mentioned above, you will lose any chance left to get him back if you pester him with the question “Why?” Never expect men to tell you why it’s not going to work out. It may be due to sheer incompatibility. Some guys like girls who are girly, and others enjoy the company of girls who are like guys. You will get to know what they want if you listen very closely to what they say and don’t say during your first few conversations.

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