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I Want to Make a Guy Want Me When He Has Already Rejected Me! 7 Tips on How to Make This Happen

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Well this predicament sure is tricky, isn’t it?

It may seem impossible, but it isn’t. You can, in fact, win a guy back even if he’s rejected you. Here’s how it’s done:

Get Some Distance

It’s very important to let some time go by after the rejection has occurred. The last thing you want to do is act like the kind of girl that he’s going to have to need a restraining order against.

So take a break. You need to let your wounds heel a bit, and he’s made it clear that he doesn’t want you around…for now anyway.

Re-Open Communication

After a decent amount of time has passed, (a month is a good goal), you can carefully attempt to re-establish communication.

The manner in which you do this depends on how close the two of you were and how entwined you were in each other’s lives (if you worked together, had mutual friends, etc.) The important thing is you keep this first interaction friendly and short.

Make Him Want to Stay in Contact With You

Now that you’ve re-emerged and he’s had a good reminder of you, you want to give him a good reason to stay in touch.

If he left something of his at your place, that’s great. You can always use that as your reason. However, it’s even better to give him a more personal incentive: Tell him about a cool event that you know he’d be into, invite him to a mutual friend’s party, etc. You can even throw your own get-together and make it so cool that he won’t be able to resist going.

Keep Things Cool and Casual

You’ve successfully worked your way back into communication with him and re-entered his life. Now, it’s important to keep your game face on and not screw it up by being too emotional or re-opening the past with him.

Keep your cool and mentally let the previous rejection go. Don’t let yourself think about it. Make it clear that you don’t have expectations from him other than being his friend. This will get his mind going about why and also drive him a bit crazy; men always want what they can’t have. If you pull yourself off the table as an option (or at least make him think so), then you’re automatically more appealing.

Make Him Jealous

Once you’ve been back in each other’s lives for a while (it’s bad to do this too soon because it looks staged and obvious), it’s time to make him jealous and remind him what a desirable catch you are.

Have your friends help you out by spreading the word that you’re in a hot new situation with a new guy. You want the word to get back to the real object of your affection. Another way is simply mention your new “relationship” casually to mutual friends or acquaintances.

Start Flirting

If the jealousy game was successful, he’ll be speaking to you soon and might even act very friendly as he grills you for information about your new “relationship.”

Don’t ask him if he’s seeing anyone, because you want him to think that you don’t even care. Instead, really get his blood boiling a bit with some very sexy reminiscing and flirtation.

Reel it All Back

Now that you have him interested and intrigued by you again, cut him off.

Be strong and do this even if you don’t want to; it will benefit you in the long-run and make his desire for you stronger if you don’t return his calls, texts, emails, etc. for a while.

He wants to see you and talk to you, but he can’t. It’s the perfect scenario and puts you in prime position to get him back. Once he does get to see you or talk to you again, he’ll be putty in your hands.

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