More Bakugan On Its Third Season

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On its third season, Bakugan is more popular than ever. And with more action and adventure shown in the animated television series, it should be expected that there will also be more amazing products and accessories made available for the delight of hundreds of kids and Bakugan collectors.

The new Gundalian Invaders Bakugan are already a hit among the lovers of the merchandise, and many have chosen their new favorite Bakugan. The Bakugan Battle Gears have also been a great addition to the series. These are the new weaponries the Bakugan use to increase their G-power levels and help beat their opponent. Not all the Bakugan can use battle gears, but many of them are now made to use them. A couple of New Vestoian Bakugan have also been “remade” to be able to use the battle gears.

The Super Assault Bakugan were also received with enthusiasm. These are considered as the new season’s Special Attack Bakugan from the previous two seasons of the Bakugan series. There are currently around 20 Super Assaults out now, and we are nearing to getting all there is in the list.

Perhaps the more exciting things that came out of Bakugan Season 3 are the all new Colossus Bakugan and the Bakugan Mobile Assault. Both are awesome, and they are defined as having one thing in common. Both the Colossus Bakugan and the mobile assault are made to be ridden by the Bakugan. They are considered as weaponries, too, like the battle gears. And like the battle gears, they also add more fire power to the characters. But where battle gears are placed on top of the Bakugan, the Colossus Bakugan and the mobile assault are placed on the bottom, with the Bakugan riding on top of them.

The Colossus Bakugan are the most exciting things right now with the season. There are only two of them: Dharak Colossus and Dragonoid Colossus. They are meant to be the ultimate weapons, each from different sides of the war in the story of the Gundalian Invaders arc. Predictably, these two will be fighting it out in the animated series. Both are composed of a Core Bakugan, a couple of battle gears, and a transformation hub that connects all these. The Dragonoid Colossus is especially an amazing combination because after you have connected the battle gears to the transformation hub, all you need to do is drop the Bakugan into the center and everything pops and becomes the ultimate Dragonoid Colossus!

The Bakugan Mobile Assault are not a combination of many battle gears like the Colossus Bakugan. They serve as vehicles for the Bakugan, either something that will carry them around with spider-like legs or something like a motor bike. So far, there are only three mobile assault vehicles out and available.

With the amount of excitement and delight that these new Bakugan items have garnered from the fans, we can expect for more surprises from their creators. Season 4 of the series is already being planned, but not before they have given us all of what the third season has to offer. The season is not over yet, so we can be sure that we haven’t seen the last of Bakugan yet.

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